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NATEEN is a belgian brand created in 2009 to provide incontinence produc distribution and supply chain services to healthcare provider so they can deploy more time and resources delivering high quality and affordable patient care. Today NATEEN is available in more than 60 countries and in every continent.

In order to achieve the sales strategies and to have strategic presence, the group is divided and specialized in 3 arms:

1) SEBALE PTE LDT: Headquarter located in Singapore

2) ARTEMIS MEDICAL S.A : European medical and health supplies established in Belgium for sales representation.

3) APOGEE MEDICAL SUPPLIES USA LLC: Subsidiary stablished in United States of America for sales representation.

Given escalating healthcare costs, NATEEN focus on delivering to our customers the highest quality products and services at the lowest cost today – while meeting the ever-changing needs of tomorrow. 


Today NATEEN products provide millions of customers worldwide through partnership creating a smart distribution network. 

4) FUJIAN DASHAN PAPER CO LTD: Factory of incontinence care and medical devices located in Xiamen, Fujian province in China.

5) USA BIG MOUNTAIN PAPER INC: Factory of incontinence care and medical devices located in Jacksonville, Florida in USA.

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We source and negociate on global market everyday to ensure our customer a constant high quality material at the best price.


Our R&D department is constantly looking at the solutions and new developments to ensure to provide our customers their competitivness.


Nateen’s quality is getting known thanks to heavy investment in his promotion. The customer benefit from reputed brand and quality.

Our production team is trained to work with high details focus and exacting

on constant quality requirement.


Private label

We offer customized service with our private label service. This service concern both cobranding and full OEM service.


Countries We Distribute To:

- Argentina

- Belize

- Barbados

- Bermudas

- Brazil

- Canada

- Chile

- Costa Rica

- Dominican Republic

- El Salvador

- French Guiana

- Guatemala

- Honduras

- Jamaica

- México

- Nicarágua

- Panamá

- Peru

- Trinidad & Tobago

​- United States of America

- Uruguay

- Venezuela

- Aruba

- Bonaire

- Curaçao

- Porto Rico

- Egypt
- Belgium
- Germany
- Netherlands
- Slovenia
- Slovakia
- Estonie
- Italy
- Greece
- Croatia
- Servia
- Spain
- Portugal
- England
- France
- Norway
- China
- Philippines
- Cambodia
- India
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- South Korea
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- Israel

- Saudi Arabia


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