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The group is implemented in the medical field and have presence with the brand Nateen in more than 60 countries. 

In order to achieve the sales strategies and to have strategic presence, the group is divided and specialized in 3 arms:

1) APOGEE MEDICAL SUPPLIES LTD: Headquarter located in Hong Kong

2) ARTEMIS MEDICAL S.A.: European medical and health supplies established in Belgium for sales representation.

3) APOGEE MEDICAL SUPPLIES USA LLC: Subsidiary stablished in United States of America for sales representation.

We provide our customer a brand designing service. Our team of creative is expert in the field of product design and packaging design. We also provide transportation service thanks to our long term relation with transport companies.


We pay high attention to the quality control and devote ourselves to improvement of production engineering control level and innovation of product technology, besides, by long and effective training to improve employee qualities in order to make our company meet domestic and abroad demands under this new situation.

4) FUJIAN DASHAN PAPER CO LTD: Factory of incontinence care and medical devices located in Xiamen, Fujian province in China.

5) USA BIG MOUNTAIN PAPER INC: Factory of incontinence care and medical devices located in Jacksonville, Florida in USA.




We also devote ourselves to environment protection and charities, pay attention to disadvantaged groups, which incarnates our sense of social responsibility well. NATEEN means "Natural Green". The group is focus in produce products that are Eco-Friendly. We work with providers of raw materials that have certifications such as Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which insure a sustainable forest manage.




1. A pre-production inspection tells you which kind of raw materials (or components) will be used. Factories are often suspected of lowering their costs by purchasing substandard materials, and this can be disastrous for the buyer (e.g. the wrong kind of SAP with lower absorbency power).The pre-production inspection can also focus on the processes followed as production starts. Sometimes this can also be critical, as Chinese factories very often cut corners and do not respect the blueprints of your choice (e.g. patterns for cutting fabric are received from the buyer, and they are modified to make the process easier and faster).




2. A during production inspection (often called “DUPRO” in the industry) allows you to have an idea of average product quality, early in the production cycle. It is the most useful and the most under-rated tool at the disposal of importers, who often only rely on final inspections.

It usually takes place once some finished products have come out of the lines. If quality issues are found, what is already produced might be re-workable, and corrective actions can be taken for the rest of the job. It gives us the time to plan ahead, and even to avoid delays (repairs and re-inspections take much more time when problems are noticed after all production is finished).

3. The final random inspection (also called “pre-shipment inspection”) is by far the most common type of QC check. It takes place once 100% of shipment quantity is finished and at least 80% is packed, so it can be a real random inspection (this is not exactly the case if quality is checked earlier) and suppliers cannot play games.

It puts pressure on suppliers and gives power to buyers. Its objective is really to confirm a shipment’s quality, rather than catching issues early. Therefore do complement final inspections with a DUPRO, to avoid finding mistakes at the last minute.


We source and negociate on global market everyday to ensure our customer a constant high quality material at the best price.


Our R&D department is constantly looking at the solutions and new developments to ensure to provide our customers their competitivness.


Nateen’s quality is getting known thanks to heavy investment in his promotion. The customer benefit from reputed brand and quality.

Our production team is trained to work with high details focus and exacting

on constant quality requirement.


Private label

We offer customized service with our private label service. This service concern both cobranding and full OEM service.

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